About Us

Mission STEM Camp is a summer camp created by three high schoolers who aim to make learning fun for students while helping the community. All profits from this summer camp will go to the Center For Disease Control Foundation to help with the COVID-19 outbreak. Please consider donating directly as well. Meet our team below:

Yuvraj Walia

Yuvraj Walia is heading into 9th grade next year. He enjoys anything and everything science-related and has been giving tutoring lessons for a couple of years, as well as volunteering regularly. Yuvraj has extensive experience in research and tutoring many of the subjects that he will be teaching including debate and school subjects.. His passion for science and speech & debate has fueled his curiosity and love for STEM. Yuvraj wants to bring the same love to others during this time of crisis to ensure that everyone develops a similar passion. He looks forward to working with you!



Vedesh Kodnani

Vedesh Kodnani is a rising freshman at Mission San Jose High School who loves teaching. He has great experience in multiple of the activities at our camp including debate, in which he won the state championship, and math, in which he’s gone to competitions for and received A’s in his advanced classes. Throughout the years, he’s also been part of other activities like boy scouts, table tennis, taekwondo, robotics, and more. Vedesh is extremely excited to join Mission STEM Camp this summer!



Shashish Khanna

Shashish Khanna loves playing video games (mostly COD and Fortnite) and coding. He is also a 2nd-degree black belt in taekwondo. Shashish is going into 9th grade this fall, where he is taking Spanish 3 (advanced). One last thing: he’s super excited to teach you all!