All Programs

We offer many different programs for 3rd-7th graders at Mission STEM Camp. For the classes that are split by level, Level 1 will be for 3rd-5th graders and Level 2 will be for 6th-7th graders. Entire curriculum for all coursed can be viewed here. We encourage you to view the entire lesson plan.


Our math courses are different every week. Level 1 will be for younger students and Level 2 for older students. Curriculum for Level 1 includes fractions, operations, decimals, and word problems. Level 2 curriculum is mainly algebra and geometry.

English and Writing

This class focuses on the mechanics of English and literary analysis. The second half of the week will cover the writing process and the various types of essays. Level 1 will cover more of basic grammar, conventions, and parts of speech, while Level 2 will be more analytical and writing-based.


There are also two levels for this subject. The science course will be more interactive than Math and English. There will be study on many different topics in science. But using common household ingredients, students can also perform simple experiments to demonstrate important concepts. Different weeks will cover different fields (biology, chemistry, and earth science).


This class, due to its difficulty, is open only to incoming 6th and 7th graders. Spanish must be practiced at home as well (it is a completely new language after all!) An online textbook will be provided, and tutors will work with students to learn basic grammar and sentences, eventually progressing to more difficult lessons.


This class is mainly for recreation and fun. Every session, there will be a new recreational activity that will incorporate learning. Some examples include: photography (attendees must have camera), music, video games (you can choose from age-appropriate games such as Fortnite, Brawl Stars, etc. and learn how to improve), and magic tricks (some materials, such as cards, are required).

Public Speaking & Debate

Contrary to what some may say, public speaking IS for everyone! You will learn the basics of speaking in public, how to conquer your nerves, and different types of argumentation in debate. At the end of every week, kids will have the opportunity to practice debate against others.